Affordable Network Maintenance

Efficient IT management, maintenance and support using remote monitoring and management technology.

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Managed Network Overview

The efficiency starts with remote delivery.

Onsite Manager

A single, lightweight piece of software installed once at each site. Onsite Manager performs secure, comprehensive scans of your environment to gather the up-to-date information that we need to manage your IT assets with unparalleled efficiency.

Device Manager

Installed on equipment that can’t be directly monitored by Onsite Manager, such as roaming laptops, remote servers, home offices, or on an onsite Windows PC if you don’t have a server.

Service Center

A poweful, web-based, centralized dashboard that allows us to view the asset health and performance data sent by Onsite Manager, drill down to details, and perform rapid remote remediation.

Predictable and Planned Expenses

With a monthly contract and a service level agreement, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get and how much you’ll be spending, but the underlying technology of managed services means you’ll also save money in many ways.

Because P.C. Solutions Corp has access to detailed health and
performance data about your IT assets, they can more easily
identify trends and opportunities to improve the configuration of your resources, and provide you with regular reports to help you understand exactly what’s happening in your network. When projects outside the monthly contract are required, it is easier to plan, budget for, and schedule them to minimize impact on your business operations and bottom line.

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We're Prepared

Services from P.C. Solutions Corp includes industry-leading monitoring and alerting for your IT assets, so your solution provider will always be notified immediately when emerging and actual problems exist. This allows them to take care of issues faster and often before you experience unplanned system downtime, which can protect your business operations and result in cost savings.

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Stabilizing the Cost of IT

Many IT maintenance, management and support tasks have traditionally been performed on a system-by-system or site-by-site basis. P.C. Solutions Corp is able to automate many tasks across systems and customer sites, thereby significantly reducing the time required for expensive technical staff to go on-site to address your needs.

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Mitigate Lost Time

Your current IT support may sound like this:
As you discover a problem has occurred, you call support and best describe your problem. The cost and time adds up by having the support technician travel to your site, or use remote access tools to start troubleshooting, until they find and diagnose the issue.

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With P.C. Solutions Network Monitoring:

With best practices in monitoring and alerting, P.C. Solutions is alerted before or as the problem occurs, and instantly and accurately diagnose the problem in Service Center. P.C. Solutions conducts rapid remote remediation form the Service Center and resolves the problem in less time than it would take to find your coat and keys.

“Resolves the problem in less time than it would take to find your coat and keys.”