4G LTE Failover keeps your business running

No Internet? No Problem.

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Minimize Business Risk

If the internet goes out, business goes on. Our automatic 4G LTE failover solution will keep your business up and running when the internet goes down.


4G failover kicks in automatically, so there's nothing you need to do. And when your internet connection comes back up, it will switch back, automatically. So, no surprise bills.


Don’t worry about losing sales. Pair our 4G failover solution with CounterPoint Offline Ticket and you can keep ringing up sales and running credit cards until your internet services is restored.


Our 4G failover solution works with just about every type of network, and provides all of the ports and features you would expect from any business-class router.

Cost-Effective & Reliable Peace of Mind

Organizations seeking a business continuity solution that can
be trusted for always-on network connectivity should consider deploying a 4G LTE-enabled solution to ensure maximum uptime, speed-to-deployment, cost-effective scalability, and ease of management with limited IT resources.

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Simple, and Scalable Deployment

Because distributed enterprises often do not staff a full IT team at each location or branch, a scalable solution should enable remote management, monitoring, and configuration in order to limit truck rolls and personnel needed to maintain the distributed network.

Additionally, data usage is a concern for enterprises that choose 4G LTE wireless service for failover protection. Each location may have changing data needs from month to month, so a cost-effective failover solution must allow for real-time monitoring of data usage and load-balancing for maximum return on investment.

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Every hour of downtime can typically cost an organization $300,000 per hour.

Secured, and Optimized

With P.C. Solutions 4G Failover solution, you can rely on our robust cloud-based management software offerings, which are designed to mitigate security risks and maintain PCI compliance in all types of network security architectures.

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