Manage Cashflow Like Never Before

The best back-office accounting solution available.

Accounting Starts Here

CashPoint offers the NCR CounterPoint user the best back-office accounting solution available.


Fully integrated with NCR CounterPoint, the CashPoint PBS Accounts Payable, Check Reconciliation, General Ledger and exclusive interface to NCR CounterPoint, allows you to manage your cash flow like never before. An optional Payroll solution may be added to complete your cash management picture.

Optional Payroll With Direct Deposit

Passport Software’s Payroll module may be optionally added to your CashPoint solution. We work hard to provide you with tools that keep up with both Federal standards, as well as state and in some cases, local Payroll tax laws.

Food Service Payroll

Have confidence that paychecks will be correct and ready on time and manage ACA compliance in a way that is best for your operation.

The Food Service Payroll and Affordable Care Act (ACA) software solution simplifies payroll processing and ACA compliance for restaurants and food service operations.

  • Accurate paychecks – calculates hourly rates and up to (5) job codes for each employee’s time worked. Improved detail reduces payroll errors.
  • Efficient paycheck distribution – print checks alphabetically by last name, by department, location, etc. for faster check distribution with fewer mistakes.
  • Clear withholding and deduction exceptions reporting
  • Comprehensive tip management – tracks direct and indirect tips for allocation, including employee sales for tip allocation, and employer-collected tips for distribution on employee payroll.
  • Excellent costs and profits insight with detailed management reports – including pay distribution by employee, job code, GL account, and GL Tracking employee sales for tip allocation.
  • Interfaces with many restaurant front end systems

NCR CounterPoint Integration

No other accounting system provides as tight an integration with NCR CounterPoint as CashPoint does. We’ve eliminated the need for cumbersome manual imports and exports, reduced redundant data entry, improved efficiency and provided a more secure back office to support a busy retailers operations. Bottom line: Cashpoint helps reduce errors and save time!

Multi Store and Multi Company Support

Do you have multiple locations that require multiple profit centers in your financials? CashPoint provides you with the ability to manage this, and even allows you to create individual companies with a consolidated set of financials if you prefer. In either case, the flexibility of CashPoint will allow you to run your business the way you need to!