Specialty Retail POS

Sell products in-store and online, manage vendors, and automate purchasing.


Smart Business Solutions to Power Your Growth

CounterPoint is the ideal shop management system that lets you easily sell specialty products and ensures your business complies with all necessary regulations without the need for additional software. Use our point of sale system to track your specialty products all in one system with no need to worry about entering extensive product details each time a shipment comes in.

Inventory Control

CounterPoint gives you the ability to sell inventory items by weight. Effortlessly purchase and receive items in bulk and quickly weigh items for sale to customers, accurately distributing your inventory and preventing any shrink. You can also utilize the inventory reconciliation feature to quickly detect missing inventory so you can keep an eye on your all-important bottom line.

Increase Sales Flow

Make use of CounterPoint’s reliable and comprehensive reporting tools to keep track of your clientele, sales, and inventory all in real time. You can gain insights and manage your specialty store with just a couple of quick clicks – in the store or on the go. If you own multiple stores or point of sale terminals, CounterPoint is up to the challenge. CounterPoint can assign a location and terminal to each sale making it easy for your understand exactly where and when your sales are happening.

Track Items

Our system can help connect you to the traceability API so you know what is incoming and have it automatically added to your inventory. With CounterPoint, you can enjoy instant visibility of inventory, while being able to effortlessly view availability, item descriptions, pricing and item quantities across the store.

Can Your Current System Do This?

CounterPoint enables you to manage your business in real time, with cross store inventory and total customer visibility. With a robust POS with built-in loyalty program and gift card system, you can offer a seamless, anytime anywhere experience to your customers. The flexibility of CounterPoint allows you to make it your own and customize your retail business solution to give an amazing customer performance.

  • Flexible Point of Sale Configurations
  • Air-tight Inventory Management
  • Detailed Reporting & Analysis
  • Built-in Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Integrated Email Marketing
  • Secure EMV Payments Solutions
  • Ecommerce Integration

Offer Discounts & Promotions

Meet and greet with your customers by getting out from behind the counter.
In addition to selling items at list price, sell using quantity breaks, customer discounts, a markup on cost, or a desired margin.

NCR CounterPoint’s Specialty Retail POS software allow you to offer flexible pricing and promotional options, including BOGO and mix and match pricing discounts.

Maintain Detailed Customer Information

Built-in CRM functionality allows you to automatically track purchase history as well as capture detailed customer information. Customize the customer record screen to capture information that is important to you.

Offer customer loyalty programs and sell on account using accounts receivable functionality.