Mobile Point of Sale

NCR CounterPoint Mobile POS brings you out from behind the counter to better serve your customers. Ring up sales from your iPhone, iPad or iPod iOS device.

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Sell Anywhere

NCR CounterPoint Mobile Point of Sale means you can sell your products and provide customer service wherever your customers gather: events, sidewalks, tradeshows, virtually anywhere. The Inventory Management in CP Mobile helps you stay on top of inventory across stores and locations.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

With mobile POS software, run your business from the sales floor as you help customers find products and ring up sales right on the spot. Mobility also allows you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathering: events, sidewalk sales, and trade shows.

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  • Sell anywhere with mobile POS capabilities and accept credit card, cash, A/R or check payments
  • Perform physical counts, adjustments and receive with or without a PO
  • Scan barcodes and swipe credit cards with NCR’s high quality hardware
  • Take returns, place orders, and apply discounts
  • Integrates with NCR CounterPoint to process payments and inventory updates in real-time
  • Available For iPod Touch (4th or 5th Generation), iPhone (4, 5, or 6 series) or iPad (2 or later)
  • View recent customer purchases
  • Share devices across stores