What is the MassPack Buyers Event all about?

The Massachusetts Package Stores Association (MassPack) is a non-profit trade organization representing the interests of the thousands of independently-owned retail liquor stores across Massachusetts. MassPack is aware of the business challenges that package stores face including: rising operational costs; changing competitive landscape; new insurance requirements; wage and labor issues; government regulations; legislative issues; preventing illegal sales and more. 

Massachusetts Package Stores Association hosts the Grand Tasting & Buying Event each year, inviting vendors and exhibitors, to improve and benefit new and existing store owners in the beer, wine and spirits industry. This is an incredible event that we at P.C. Solutions are proud to take part in this year.

What can you expect to see?

The Beer, Wine, and Spirits Industry Experience offers educational seminars, entertainment, tastings, product offerings (like our liquor industry solutions), and a chance to network with industry specialists and business owners alike to share experiences, or just catch up with the latest trends.

Some of the vendors include payments processors, distribution organizations, distillery representatives, and retail solutions specific for the liquor industry. If you’re wondering what’s new and cutting edge in the liquor industry, this is the event to find out.

When is it?

This year, Masspack’s Beer, Wine, and Spirits Industry Experience is happening May 8th, 2019 at Lombardo’s in Randolph, MA from 3:00pm until 7:00pm. This event is FREE for all industry professionals to attend and open to both on and off premise businesses.

Is it fun?

Oh, you bet it is! Every year is a bit different from the one before it, but take a look at the pictures from last year’s 75th Anniversary event over at the Massachusetts Package Store’s Facebook Page. If you plan on attending, don’t forget to visit P.C. Solutions booth at the event!

Oh, and don’t forget…

If you are a business owner in the liquor industry, we highly encourage you to become a part of the Masspack family by signing up for a membership. Although it is not required to attend this event, we proudly promote the Massachusetts Package Stores Association membership, as we’ve seen many of our liquor industry customers benefit greatly from it.

Masspack membership offers many important features and benefits to independent package stores and those who wish to do business with them. Included with membership are reduced registration rates to seminars and BAT server-training courses, substantial discounts on paper and office products and electronic ID checking equipment, discounted credit and debit card services, as well as Workers Compensation and Health Insurance options offering reduced premiums and/or dividends.

Head over to https://www.masspack.org for information about registering for a membership and to learn more about Masspack.